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Parahawking is flying a paraglider alongside a trained bird of prey, which is a new and very special experience in the UK. We combine the ancient art of falconry with the modern adventure sport of Paragliding. We witness our raptors flying above, under and alongside us, allowing us the privilege of a close up, unique and interactive experience.

Our birds will soar the ridge lift on a hillside, which is where wind is forced upwards when it comes into contact with a hill. Our birds will even guide us to thermals, which are rising columns of warm air that are created by the sun heating the ground, birds use these to gain height and travel long distances using very little energy; which helps them hunt for an easy meal. Paraglider pilots also use thermals when they are flying and will often use wild birds, raptors, cloud formations and various other visual triggers to guide them to thermals.

We fly our hawks alongside us whilst we paraglide as a great fitness tool during the raptors moulting season...


Take a look at one of our parahawking flights on our video below:

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