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Take a look at a small selection of my videos where you will see my birds doing what they do best in the field (living a life as close to their wild cousins as possible.) Please subscribe to my popular YouTube Channel with over two million views and thousands of subscribers. There's also fitness training, game recipes, dressing, telemetry fitting and husbandry tuition videos to help my apprentices and experienced falconers alike.
All videos are filmed and edited by Nigel Hawkins
More videos are available to watch on my YouTube Channel thanks...
Click here to see my YouTube Channel:hawkinsfalconry

(My videos contain footage of birds of prey hunting, which is what they do in their natural environment. I don't take pleasure in killing at all, but I do want to see my hawks behaving naturally. Everything caught is dispatched humanely, shown the upmost respect and eaten by myself, hawks, dogs and ferrets... Nothing is wasted)

  • Forgotten Footsteps... (My interpretation of the art of falconry)

  • The Humble Harris' Hawk: Hunting in the field with a cast of Harris' Hawks:

  • Falconry 4: Hunting in the field with Goshawks, Peregrine Falcons & Harris' Hawks:

  • Hunting pheasant & Duck with Harris' Hawksy

  • Hill Soaring with Harris' Hawks

  • In the field with Harris' Hawks:

  • Falconry 2: Hunting in the field with Goshawks, Peregrine Falcons & Harris' Hawks:

  • Falconry: Bespoke Falconry Experience Day:

  • Falconry 3: The Art of Falconry

  • Falconry 4: Hunting with Goshawks video

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