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About Us

(We are not a falconry centre, our experiences are only available on a pre-booked basis)

Based in South Staffordshire, we also have various venues in Shropshire & Wales and cover most of the Midlands area. We have access to over 300,000 acres of land to hunt and fly over. (We specialise in private one-to-one sessions)

From an early age Nigel worked on farms, at the age of 13 he started working at a local clay pigeon shooting grounds gaining extensive knowledge about the countryside and rural pursuits, visiting the Scottish Highlands for several seasons working with gamekeepers and stalkers. He has always been interested in the great outdoors and nature in general.

Nigel joined the Army in 1989 completing his training at the Household Cavalry Guards Depot in London with the Junior Parachute Regiment in Pirbright & Aldershot and The Light Division Depot in Winchester, serving over 4 years in Britain, Canada and over 5 tours of Northern Ireland (91-93) with The Royal Green Jackets (Infantry). After leaving the Army Nigel joined the West Midlands Fire Service and has completed 22 years service. He works as a fireman/technician in the West Midlands Fire Service -Technical Rescue Unit, where his shift pattern allows him to dedicate the necessary time and commitment to successfully fly his raptors to a very high standard.

He is also a keen paraglider pilot. He flies his paraglider alongside his raptors (parahawking), which allows him the privilege to fly alongside and share thermals with his own birds and wild raptors. Allowing him to appreciate their lives & ariel prowess at close proximity. Which also helps him convey his passionate conservation message to his clients.

His passion for falconry started to take over his life when he was invited to be field officer for a local falconry club, organising their field meets. Nigel is still an active member of The British Falconers' Club and Welsh Hawking Club regularly attending both national and international field meets.

Nigel has flown many different varieties of birds of prey gaining experience over the years flying his birds with people from all over the world. He has been featured in many newspapers, country magazines and has also written articles for international falconry magazines and is a published author. His passion for goshawks can be read in the goshawk chapter (Penultimate prey) -The Art of Falconry by Patrick Morel. He is also featured in the Bradt travel guide, Wild Times by Jini Reddy.

As we are not a falconry centre open to the general public you will get a more private and interactive experience, in small family groups or, on a one-to-one basis if you wish, giving our clients the maximum amount of time with these amazing creatures.

Nigel's aim is to uphold the high standards of falconry and promote conservation of endangered raptors throughout the world by extensive training and education. He donates a percentage of his earnings towards worldwide raptor conservation projects. Details of these projects can be found on the "Links" page.

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