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Falconry & Wilderness Days

(Available October to February) Experience traditional falconry and eat what you catch on our Eagle and Hawk, Hunting & Bushcraft Day... Taste true freedom!

The perfect gift for the person who has everything......... a day in the life of the man who had nothing.

Falconry was spread from the east by nomadic warrior tribes, for whom it was both a means of survival and provided a cultural identity. The few material possessions they owned had to be transportable by horse, and the only laws that applied were those of nature - survival of the fittest. Without the constraints of a materialistic lifestyle, they were truly free to go where they wished, living in sustainable harmony with nature - never taking too much from one place or abusing nature's abundance.

Modern Western life is certainly far easier - we have shelter, warmth, food in excess of our needs, yet have, as a result, lost what it meant to be human all those centuries ago. By putting down physical roots, we have become uprooted from our place in the natural world. Falconry is one of the few means of experiencing what was once a struggle for survival, yet a lifestyle for which humans were perfectly adapted.

My wilderness experience offers the opportunity to hunt, as they did, with an Eagle and a Harris' Hawk for your food.  (The only falconry experience in the world where you can witness a Bonelli's Eagle flying free and hunting at heights up to 3000ft)  Then to utilise bushcraft skills to cook it over an open fire and enjoy it under open skies, sharing both meal and a never-to-be forgotten experience with your hunting companions, human, canine and avian, that made it possible.

Concentrating on your key needs of food, warmth and shelter, the trivial day-to-day concerns of modern existence are forgotten. The ringing telephone, the hectic schedule and the demands of the workplace slip away, replaced by the anticipation of the hunt, the exhilaration, highs and lows of the chase, and both the delight and hardship of life in the open air.
This is not purely a chance to live like your early ancestors - it is, put simply, a taste of true freedom.

To give you an idea of what to expect during a typical day in the field, please take a look at our Forgotten Footsteps video on my video page...

£220 per person

1 x additional adult - £150 

Please ensure you wear the appropriate clothing and bring along the following:
  • Dark coloured clothing
  • Flask & snacks
  • Hiking or Wellington boots
  • Waterproof coat
  • Warm layered clothing
  • A warm hat
  • Falconry equipment & binoculars will be provided
  • Don’t forget your camera

Payment Options

Bacs, PayPal, Cheque

Please fill out the contact form or call me, thanks.

Nigel: 07956 347427

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