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Falconry Courses

Available: September to May 
Duration: 5 Day Comprehensive apprenticeship style course - (one-to-one) private tuition.
Course Includes unlimited lifetime mentoring
Raptors used on the course: Bonelli's Eagle and Harris' Hawk

Firstly, falconry is a huge commitment and lifestyle change
, do not underestimate the implications that this may put on your life!  Private tuition on my intensive apprenticeship style falconry course is available to beginners who can demonstrate the necessary time, commitment, determination and facilities to practise falconry to the required standard.  My tuition course is the most comprehensive falconry course available.

I believe falconry cannot be taught on a short course with multiple students at falconry centres.  I prefer to offer a one-to-one apprenticeship (which includes lifetime mentoring) where the student will have the freedom to book five individual days when they want, and don't have to be block booked.  Only moving onto the next training module when they feel confident.

You will shadow me whilst I pass on my extensive knowledge with five morning classroom sessions, followed by five afternoon practical flying sessions in the field.   Emphasis is on maximum handling and flying of the hawks until I'm confident you have the required ability, confidence and dedication to own and fly a bird of prey.
Train with a truly experienced falconer and published author "The Art of Falconry" (My extensive work with goshawks can be read in the goshawk chapter)  I spend most of my time in the field flying my Hawk & Eagle.
Apprenticeships are on a private one-to-one basis so you get maximum interaction and time with the birds & falconer.  Starting with the basics then moving onto advanced training techniques hunting with a Bonelli's Eagle and Harris' Hawk, working alongside our ferrets and German Wire-Haired Pointer.

You will conclude your course flying the birds on your own afternoon flying session; which will give you a true falconry experience like no other. (I will be a short distance away in case of any problems)
You can also extend your apprenticeship course
I am confident that you will leave my apprenticeship with the correct attitude and knowledge to give you the best possible start in your newly acquired lifestyle.
I take a personal interest in your raptors welfare.  Obviously I cannot cascade my lifetime of knowledge during a 5 day course, as you embark on your falconry journey with your first, or even second bird it's comforting to know that included in your course is the backup of my lifetime "unlimited" mentor programme, where I will be available on the phone/video call, email or in person incase of the inevitable problem. You'll have the confidence to rely on expert knowledge 24hrs per day 365 days a year.

Follow the passion on our popular YouTube Channel with over three million views and  thirteen thousand plus subscribers.  Watch my free Eagle Training Diary and hunting with Goshawks, Harris' Hawks, Peregrine Falcons, Eagles and Hybrids videos that show what can be achieved when you dedicate the necessary "time" and skills: hawkinsfalconry
The course covers the following:

  • History, Etiquette and Ethics
  • Terminology
  • 5 days in the field
  • Legal requirements & Implications
  • Types of Perches - Tethering - Falconers knot
  • Housing & Hygiene: Mews, Weatherings & Aviary Design
  • Freelofting for all species
  • Food & Nutrition - Food Preparation & Supplements
  • Health, Morphology, Anatomy & Biology
  • Species Suitability
  • Purchasing your first bird
  • Foreseeing Behavioural Problems
  • Hoods & Hooding
  • Essential Falconry Equipment: Swivels, leashes, gloves, travel boxes, vests, scales, baths, lures, bells, bewits, anklets & jesses
  • Leather equipment construction
  • Picking up & carrying
  • Feeding, manning & training techniques
  • Weighing & weight management
  • Flying on a creance
  • Flying Free
  • Following On - Waiting on
  • Lure & pole lure training
  • Entering
  • Hunting Techniques & Fieldcraft
  • Quarry spikes/dispatch pliers
  • Advanced Training Techniques
  • Appetite, stretch receptors, rangle, washed meat - reclaiming
  • Coping & Imping without casting
  • Lifetime mentoring
  • Waking Accipiters
  • Eagle training techniques
  • Conditioning & Enseaming
  • Operant Conditioning - Positive Reinforcement Training
  • Development & Behaviour
  • Motivation
  • Weather - Barometric Pressure
  • Theory & Practical Telemetry & Tracking - Digital & GPS
  • Telemetry mounting methods: Tracpack - Leg - Tail
  • Intensive First Aid Course: Crop Tubes - Trauma Care - Drug Administration - Bleeding - Splints - Parasites - Wing Trauma - Shock - Sour Crop - Wingtip Oedema - Emergency Feeding etc
  • Disease Prevention - Bumble foot - Viral - Fungal
  • First Aid Kits
  • Bad Practices
  • Fitness Training Techniques
  • Hawking in the Field
  • The Moult
  • Kite & Mechanical lure Training
  • Obtaining your own bird - Breeders
  • Obtaining land
  • Clubs - Field Meets
  • Ferreting Techniques
  • Hawking Dogs
  • Freedom to extend course
  • Problem solving in the field
  • Preparing game for consumption - Butchery & Bushcraft skills
  • The Philosophy of the Falconer
  • Get the full potential from your raptor
Due to the time and commitment I dedicate to the students on my courses and lifetime mentoring program I only accept a small number of clients on my courses per year.
To book your place on this course a £200 non-refundable deposit is required.  The outstanding balance is required one month before your course starts.

Courses take place in Staffordshire & Shropshire

Course cost: £POA

(My Lifetime mentor programme comes as standard with every course: I provide unlimited advice, for an unlimited time*)

To discuss any questions you have in more detail regarding my courses please call Nigel: 07956 347427 or complete the contact form for more information...


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