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Falconry Experiences with a difference... We specialise in private, one-to-one interactive falconry experiences where you will witness Goshawks & Harris' Hawks flying free on your own private session, which are individually tailored to suit your specific needs...

We are not a falconry centre, my birds are flown free everyday, totally replicating the life of a wild raptor!  

 Falconry: the art of hunting with raptors, is an ancient practice and one of mankind's oldest alliances with the animal kingdom; one that, even today, satisfies our desires to regain our lost oneness with nature. Falconry is not a hobby but a way of life that involves continuous learning, problem solving, hard work and dedication; although deeply satisfying is also highly demanding.  My definition of the ART is to allow people a preview into the raptors world by flying the birds as close to their natural wild state as possible.  

I'm passionate about falconry, I don't allow my birds to sit all day at country fairs or passed around from glove to glove at schools, if you want to see my birds, you can only see them in the countryside flying free - just as in the wild, however the raptors that I fly choose to return to me because we hunt as a team, not just food rewards on a lure like many people that don't have the time to dedicate to this ancient art.  

My aim is to provide clients with individualised, exhilarating falconry experiences, working in companionship with trained birds of prey over a range of beautiful rural landscapes, from the farmlands of South Staffordshire to the stunning scenery of the Shropshire Hills and Welsh Borders.

We have the flexibility to offer a range of private, unique interactive experiences. These include opportunities to join us for introductory 2 hour Hawk Walks, where our fully trained hawks and knowledgeable falconer will allow you to witness the marvels of flight close up on your own private session, where the emphasis is very much on clients handling and flying the birds.

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We also offer days aimed specifically at allowing photographers the chance of getting that prized but elusive in-flight photograph. Alternately, during the hawking season (October to March) we offer our Bespoke Falconry Experience full or half days, with our hawks hunting rabbit, pheasant, pigeon and other traditional quarries. 
Step back in time and witness a day in the life of your forefathers, relaxing in the field enjoying lunch with a tot of sloe gin surrounded by trained raptors, concluding the day watching the sunset is an experience that you will never forget.  A true falconry experience!  (All equipment is provided and no formal training is required for any of our experiences.)  Our experiences take place in the field so outdoor clothing is a must!

Take a look at our video page to witness a typical day in the field

Gift vouchers are available for all of our experiences, which make unique and memorable gifts.

Join us, and see the world through a hawk's eyes . . . .

We have been featured in many magazines & newspapers: Take a look at our article in The International Falconer magazine...Click on the link to read:

Bespoke Falconry Days
We offer individually tailored days for you to participate in this ancient partnership between hawks, working dogs, ferrets and humans.
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Hawk Walks
Join us on one of our daily 2-3 hour exercise sessions throughout the year, where the emphasis is on handling and flying the birds.
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